how to use adminlte 3 in react

How to Use AdminLTE 3 in React

August 3, 2023 By Aaronn

In this tutorial, we will see how to use AdminLTE 3 in react. Multiple way you can use adminlte 3 in react 18. You can clone adminlte-3-react repo. Also you use react-lte package.

Use AdminLTE 3 In React By adminlte-3-react Repo

Run below command to clone adminlte-3-react repo.

git clone

Move to project.

cd adminlte-3-react

Install & run npm,

npm install
# and
npm run dev

Now check local host Local:  https://localhost:5173/

use adminlte 3 in reactjs

use adminlte 3 in reactjs

To login website use:

username: [email protected]

password: admin

dashboard react adminlte 3

dashboard react adminlte 3